Soil Nourishment

If the land is to remain productive, we must work towards restoring and maintaining the balance of Australian soil. Three changes constantly taking place in the soil are:

  1. ACIDITY – resulting in declining fertility.
  2. HUMUS – depletion of decomposed organic matter.
  3. ELEMENTS – essential to plant growth are being removed.
LimePlus … creating balance

Major Soil Nutrients

Spreading Lime on New Pasture
The predominant nutrients required by plants are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (N, P & K). Other elements essential to plant growth include sulphur, calcium and magnesium (S, Ca & Mg), in addition to other trace elements.

LimePlus offers agricultural products designed to re-balance soils and provide essential nutrients to ensure ongoing soil fertility.

Preparing for Pineapple Planting
Up until the 1940s, manure was the only source of nutrients for crops, but now there is a wide range of products which supply the soil nutrients required by plants to thrive.

Soil balancing and nourishment can be accomplished by adding inorganic (chemical compounds not containing carbon) and organic (derived from living organisms) nutrients.

Spreading Lime On Steep Country
Each form of fertiliser has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of inorganic fertiliser is that the nutrients are immediately available to plants.

Organic fertiliser has the advantage of allowing a slow release of nutrients in the soil where the organic material is broken down over time into an inorganic, water-soluble form. It also improves the soil structure as well as its water holding capabilities in sandy soil.

With local knowledge and extensive experience, LimePlus operators are happy to assist you in selecting a product that suits your requirements.

Adding damp lime to balance acid sulphate soil in an urban situation
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